London North West University Hospital

One of the largest integrated care trusts in the county with 33 adult critical care unit beds across two hospitals, was one of the hardest hit during the Covid-19 pandemic

Critical Care Management

Rapid development and deployment of the Pathpoint platform to triage, track and review referrals and admissions to critical care


Recognised for helping the peak Covid-19 surge and contributing to the national response

Now available for inter-regional critical care networks inluding post-critical care rehabilitation

Capacity Pressures

In response to the need to triage the large volumes of critically unwell patients that were expected to require critical care, Pathpoint was rapidly adapted and deployed to triage, track and review all critically unwell patients presenting to the hospital.

Being cloud-based, Pathpoint was able to incorporate review of Pathpoint was able to incorporate review of patients external to the physical confines of one unit or even hospital; enabling communication between clinicians about patients who may be transferred across units or hospitals as required upon escalation in treatment needs.

Realised Benefits

Rapid triage and review of all critically unwell patients, with clear audit trail of referral, review, assessment, intubation requirements, and patient management and workflow planning

Real-time overview of all critical care patients, including against Covid-19 status, location, ventilation status, and additional patient requirements such as renal replacement therapy

High-level reporting of key metrics including aggregate numbers of ventilation requirements, and daily admissions, transfers and mortality figures

100% of users found Pathpoint helped facilitate safer care for critically unwell patients

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