Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

When a large elective orthopaedic hospital became a central hub for trauma as part of the national Covid-19 response, Pathpoint was rapidly adopted as the ideal solution to meet the challenge

The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

Rapid turnaround of elective centre into acute trauma unit


Rapid implementation of customised solution in 3 days


Regional workflow to deliver real-time referral triage and streamline care delivery

Service Redesign

In response to NHS England’s directive to stop planned elective care and increase capacity for the rapid spread of Covid-19 cases, The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, known for its first class elective orthopaedic care, had to transform almost overnight to become a regional trauma referral



RNOH would rise to this challenge, drawing on its 180 year history, expertise and reputation for outstanding care.


Regional Digital Trauma Network

In just three days from the initial call to Open Medical, the daunting prospect of a new regional workflow system was delivered seamlessly and helped RNOH to serve as a highly-organised, streamlined central hub for acute trauma in London and the South East.


Within the first four weeks after launch, RNOH had managed over 320 trauma referrals from across the region using Pathpoint eTrauma and admitting over 180 of these as patients. Over 170 trauma operations were performed, ranging from complex joint fractures in active young patients, to hip fractures in more frail elderly patients. This effort contributed immensely to the National Covid-19 response.


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