Trauma & Orthopaedics

Our cloud-based solution for digitising a trauma department; facilitating, tracking and monitoring the care of patients from injury to rehab

West Herts Hospitals

West Herts Hospitals NHS Trust is a busy regional centre with 600 beds and nine theatres. In 2017-18,the Trust incurred 139,000 emergency attendances, with 41,000 admissions to Watford General Hospital; there werearound 2,900 admissions to Trauma & Orthopaedics.


Alongside the acute orthopaedic traumareferrals, a further 6,000 referrals were received through the virtual fracture clinic (VFC). A seamlessdigital solution was required, incorporating both referral pathways and encapsulating the full patientjourney: from injury to rehab.

Acute Trauma Care

The morning trauma meeting, a daily occurrence in NHS hospitals across the country, is intended to be an effective handover and planning forum. The team found that this was becoming ineffective due to the increasing number of referrals and significant time spent identifying patients’ location in the care system, and co-ordinating their care through multiple channels, including ward lists, multiple whiteboards, and paper theatre lists.

Virtual Fracture Clinic Care

The team recognised that overall referral quality to the VFC was typically poor, with insufficient information provided to permit virtual decision-making. Furthermore, patients were getting ‘lost’ in the system, leading to incidents and complaints, while a high number of unnecessary clinic consultations were being conducted for simple orthopaedic injuries that could otherwise have been dealt with virtually.

eTrauma and eTrauma VFC

Adopting a user-centred design methodology, focused on end-user needs, our team implemented a digital transformation project alongside the Trust, on our Pathpoint eTrauma digital platform, customised specifically to the needs of the department.


Pathpoint is now revolutionising how the team manages its acute admissions and VFC, prioritising patients with real-time communication between members of the team, and keeping patients fully informed throughout their pathway journey.

Demonstrated Benefits
Reduced Length of Stay
Reduced length of stay of trauma patient from 8 days to 7 days,
12% decrease in admissions
Target Achievement
91% of femoral neck fractures operated within 36 hours.
94.1% of VFC patients assessed in under 72 hours
Cost Saving
£1,464,5000 cost saving
More Day Cases
26% of trauma list patients operated as planned day case procedures
Highly Efficient
All assessments in under 5 minutes
Reduced Time to Treatment
Injury to treatment time reduced by 20%
Minimise Attendances
48% of patients treated with validated protocols from point of care.
25% requiring no further attendance

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