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A custom built platform to help you manage any clinical trials including blinding, sample tracking and multi site trial coordination. 


Pathpoint® Clinical Trials 

A bespoke platform built for the unique requirements of any clinical trial  

Customisable pathways designed to deal with complex workflows and facilitate effective data collection

Allows for easy collection of biological samples from regional units

virtual outcomes dashboard image


Pathpoint® capabilities

  • ​Sample tracking pathways for any biological samples (DNA, bloods, urine plus many more) 

  • Sample tracking ID generated for time points

  • Notification reminders for extra sample collections or assessments 

  • Fully coded fields for effective data collection

  • Full data analysis and reports for auditing purposes

  • Fully interoperable and integrates within existing technology ecosystems

  • Meet Information Governance Standards and align with the ethics policy with easy double blinding of referring patients

  • Controlled, team-based access across different levels

  • Automatically generated patient and study number

  • Digital patient questionnaires and direct patient communication tools

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