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Patient Engagement Tools


Empowering patients to report their own symptoms with up-to-date images of wounds or lesions


SafeAttach is an image capture functionality which allows photographs to be uploaded and shared with healthcare providers without saving the images on personal devices. The link can be sent via SMS or email.


  • Information governance compliant.

  • Interoperable with existing systems.

  • Ability to connect securely on any device.

  • Able to receive clinical outcome advice in real-time.

Patients are empowered to report their own symptoms with up-to-date images of wounds or lesions.


SafeView allows clinical teams to share time critical information directly with patients.


  • Customisable library of validated patient advice and guidance leaflets which can be sent to a patient's smart phone via SMS or email.

  • Secure web browsing link in the encrypted SMS to view patient information leaflets.

  • Appointment booking confirmation.

  • Zero footprint as no app download, sign up or login required.

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Clinic outcome letters delivered to patient's devices.

Seen/read verification for added 'message received' assurance.

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