G-Cloud Service Provider - Helping NHS Procurement Teams

One of the biggest challenges faced by organisations, especially procurement teams within healthcare, is deciding which software to purchase to meet the demands of individual users, departments and multi speciality teams.

There are some key considerations procurement teams need to consider and evaluate ensuring the software solution is fully interoperable and integrates with the existing Trust infrastructure. The sheer number of choices that are available adds another layer of complexity, making the choice even more difficult and time consuming researching the most suitable solution/s.

This is where choosing the right vendor has been simplified for NHS Trusts and other public sector institutions. Procurement can now take place through the G-Cloud directory, which is a Government-led digital procurement marketplace. Any Trust which seeks procurement through the G-Cloud has reassurance and peace of mind that each listed supplier has gone through rigorous checks. This ensures that they meet the highest standards in data protection, data security and information governance.

There are many additional benefits in selecting a vendor who is part of the G-Cloud network.

It is quick and efficient

The concept of G-Cloud was to create a way for the public sector to procure technology easily and quickly. The standard tender process can often take months. By using the G-Cloud marketplace, this can be cut down to weeks or days, because of the ability for buyers to directly award contracts.

Open and transparent

Procurement teams going through the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace have full transparency and visibility of all approved vendors and respective software solutions they provide including full price breakdown. This provides a level of comfort and transparency to NHS Trusts looking to implement a technology solution.

Level playing field

NHS Trust procurement teams are reassured when selecting a vendor from the G-Cloud

Marketplace that each supplier is appropriately validated, authenticated and checked by a specialist team. This team checks that the information provided by the vendor is accurate at the time of submission and approval. This also provides a level of standardisation for IT procurement in regards to contractual terms and conditions, providing an enhanced level of reassurance to Trusts when involved in procurement of cloud solutions through the G-Cloud Marketplace.

Best priced solutions

When researching procurement solutions through the G-Cloud Marketplace each vendor must clearly provide full pricing for their software solution which includes any licensing fees and additional services the vendor offers. NHS Trusts have the peace of mind that pricing is fair and honest for the type of solution provided.

To summarize, NHS Trusts that use the G-Cloud Marketplace to find a solution provider have reassurance they are getting the best solutions which have been accredited to deliver critical software to the healthcare infrastructure.

Open Medical is a cloud-based software solution provider. We have a number of solutions that are approved and accredited listed on the G-Cloud Marketplace:

  • Pathpoint™ eTrauma - eTrauma is a clinical specialist software product developed for centralised orthopaedic trauma coordination

  • Pathpoint™ SurgiCare - SurgiCare is a digital pathways hub organising the perioperative process including TCIs, pre-assessment, list management and follow-up

  • Pathpoint™ eDerma - Dermatologist designed, N3 enabled SaaS coordination platform which tracks, plans and reviews care and provides remote-referral-to-discharge, image calibrated workflows that enrich distributed clinical collaboration and sanction compliance to entire tele-dermatological standards

  • Pathpoint™ Outcomes - PROMS questionnaires and objective clinician-reported outcomes.

For more information about our accredited G-Cloud solutions, please visit our website www.openmedical.co.uk or contact the team to book a demo.