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Market-leading Pathpoint® eTrauma platform launches in the Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore

Open Medical Ltd is delighted to announce an exciting new launch of their Pathpoint® eTrauma platform at the Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore (MRHT), Ireland. The launch is a part of a pilot across two Irish hospitals, one of them being Midland Regional Hospital in Tullamore. Supported by the HSE Digital Transformation team, as part of a significant national drive to digitise care in hospitals, the platform is set to optimise and streamline patient care across the Trauma & Orthopaedics department. Open Medical has a proven track record of providing digital transformation of clinical care pathways across multiple specialties, with Pathpoint pathway management systems used in over 100 NHS sites in the UK. The pilot in Ireland marks an important milestone for Open Medical, being their first international launch. The company prides itself on its agility, adaptability to the client’s needs and rapid deployment of software.

Some of the key benefits from the technology utilised are:

● Coordination of care - Pathpoint eTrauma’s cloud-based software enables coordination of patient care through real-time collaboration between distributed clinical and non-clinical teams.

● Improved patient triage and tracking - Pathpoint eTrauma helps triage and prioritise daily workloads, enabling seamless planning of patient care through integrated care pathways, regardless of location, and transcending geographical boundaries.

● Efficiency savings - Pathpoint eTrauma’s proven benefits include saving up to 20 hours of clinicians time per month, and reducing the costs of inpatient episodes from a 12% decrease in trauma admissions, totalling up to €1.9 million in savings per year. Moreover, further benefits include an up to 50% reduction in injury-to-theatre time for trauma patients.

●Data capture and data-driven care - Using advanced natural language processing, clinical information is immediately coded at the point of entry using the internationally recognised SNOMED-CT terminology, providing significantly improved reporting capabilities and quickly generating care metrics. This data can be utilised in a meaningful way to support future service planning and improvement.

Professor Martin Curley, Director of HSE Digital Transformation welcoming the launch said, “Timely access to care for patients who are waiting for Orthopaedic services is a key priority for the HSE. Anything we can do to streamline patient flow and help deliver safer and better patient outcomes makes a real difference. Led by Dr Eoin Sheehan, Clinical Director at MRHT we are delighted to partner with Open Medical on two living labs at MRHT and OLOL where we are deploying their Pathpoint eTrauma platform which builds on the very successful virtual fracture clinics deployed by Dr. Sheehan. Often Innovation does not require invention and this deployment is a ‘Lift and Shift’ of a proven solution which is already used in over 100 NHS sites in the UK. We look forward to quick success. #StayLeftShiftLeft”.

Dr Eoin Sheehan, Clinical Director of Midlands Regional Hospital Tullamore and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon said “The launch of the new pathpoint eTrauma living lab builds on the great success of our virtual fracture clinics in our regional Orthopaedic trauma service. We are delighted to partner with HSE Digital Transformation on this exciting project which assists us with our ongoing focus on improving patient safety, outcomes and experience. In addition, the location of the National Digital Health Innovation Lab in our hospital is assisting us in identifying and delivering digital solutions which significantly improve efficiencies in service delivery.”

About Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore

The Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore (MRHT) provides acute-care hospital services including a 24-hour emergency department and is the regional centre for Orthopaedics, Otolaryngology, Oncology, Haematology, Nephrology and Rheumatology.

Trauma centre

It is the receiving centre for all trauma activity. The hospital currently operates with 195 inpatient beds. This includes 93 medical beds, 68 surgical beds, elective theatres, trauma theatre 24/7 and day surgery operating through a day hospital with 23 day beds.

MRHT is the largest hospital in the Midlands of Ireland. It serves a population within the four counties of Laois, Offaly, Longford and Westmeath but also receives in growing numbers year on year activity from the counties of Tipperary, Galway, Roscommon, Kildare and other surrounding counties to a lesser extent.

The Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore (MRHT) is part of the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group and continues to establish its role within this wider network.

HSE Digital Transformation

The HSE Digital Transformation group helps build health system-wide digital capability and competence. Our Digital Health ecosystem vision is our rapid adoption of eHealth technologies to support people’s health journey from hospitals, to community and home, whilst improving the quality of living, the care provided and reducing costs.

The HSE Digital Innovation team was established in mid-2019 with a simple vision:

to develop and unleash the digital capability of the HSE and associated ecosystem to drive breakthrough improvements in health service efficiency, effectiveness and experience.

The mission is to Drive HSE Digital Competence, Capability, Capacity and Change to support the rapid adoption of disruptive Digital Health technologies to enable better patient, staff and system efficiency, effectiveness and experience.

About Open Medical

Open Medical Ltd is the company behind the market-leading PathpointⓇ platform - a bespoke care pathway management system, clinically designed for end-to-end digital workflows, encompassing many different specialities. Open Medical’s platforms serve thousands of healthcare professionals across over 100 NHS sites in the UK and Ireland, providing over 250 customised digital patient care pathways.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Harry Lykostratis, Managing Director at Open Medical Ltd and orthopaedic surgeon, said, ‘It has been a long standing aspiration of Open Medical to support our colleagues in Ireland. This launch is especially important for me, as it’s not only Open Medical’s first international launch, but as I have trained alongside many Irish doctors in my career in orthopaedics, I cannot be more thrilled that we are able to be there to support the musculoskeletal transformation and provide better care for the Irish population alongside the HSE’s digital ambitions for the years to come.’


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