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Open Medical and FotoFinder Partner to Take Skin Cancer Care to New Heights

London, Bavaria, 2024 - Open Medical, a leader in cloud-based healthcare software solutions, and FotoFinder, a pioneer in dermatologic imaging technology, are thrilled to announce their new partnership. This collaboration aims to combine the strengths of Open Medical’s digital solutions and FotoFinder’s advanced technology.

open medical fotofinder partner
Dr. Massey Tahmasebi, Chief Executive Officer at FotoFinder Systems UK (left) and Dr. Michael Shenouda, Chief Commercial Officer at Open Medical (right)

Through this partnership, users of Open Medical’s cloud-based solution for dermatology coordination, Pathpoint eDermaⓇ, will be able to benefit from the integration of FotoFinder’s state-of-the-art AI technology into their clinical workflows to further enhance operations. Furthermore, users of FotoFinder's Automatic Total Body Mapping technology will be able to incorporate elements of eDerma’s clinical workflow tools into their pathways, such as patient questionnaires, digital consent forms, and educational leaflets, allowing for remote care delivery as well as a more holistic care service.

This collaboration is set to redefine standards in skin cancer care by merging leading-edge imaging and AI technology with award-winning clinical workflow solutions. By combining Open Medical’s workflow optimisation software with FotoFinder’s diagnostic precision, dermatologists worldwide will be empowered with enhanced capabilities in detecting, treating, and monitoring skin cancer, leading to increased efficiency, productivity, and, most importantly, improved patient outcomes.

Together, Open Medical and FotoFinder are committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in skin cancer care, ensuring every patient has access to the best possible care.

Commenting on this partnership is Dr. Michael Shenouda, Chief Commercial Officer at Open Medical:

"AI technology has immense potential to support clinical practice and improve patient outcomes, with appropriate clinical application of the technology and the performance of the algorithms being the most pertinent factors in successful implementation. The application of the technology relies largely on its utilisation in the clinical workflow, and the performance of the algorithm correlates directly with the volume of the training data set.
We are proud to collaborate with FotoFinder, the global leader in dermatology medical imaging systems, combining our Pathpoint eDerma digital platform with their unique AI technologies to improve skin cancer care. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in scaling the adoption of AI into routine clinical care, supported by strong digital infrastructure. The collaboration will help dermatologists utilise the best AI models within the most appropriate clinical application for their specific care pathway, which will vary between departments, hospitals, and regions. And by working closely with our clinical and academic partners, we hope this collaboration can enhance the evidence base for scaling AI applications in the most clinically safe and cost-efficient way. This exciting relationship demonstrates our steadfast commitment to integrating best-in-breed AI tools into our Pathpoint platform to support cancer care, and has the potential to significantly improve global skin cancer services."

Commenting on this partnership is Dr. Massey Tahmasebi, Chief Executive Officer at FotoFinder Systems UK:

"We are thrilled to partner with Open Medical, a company that shares our vision of revolutionising skin cancer care through advanced technology. With this collaboration, we are excited to bring our AI technology into Open Medical's workflow solution, Pathpoint eDerma. This will give clinicians access to cutting-edge tools and resources, enhancing the way they detect, diagnose and treat skin cancer. Moreover, the addition of Open Medical's workflow elements to our Automatic Total Body Mapping technology will further streamline dermatological procedures, enabling comprehensive and efficient patient care.
This is not just a partnership; it's a global mission to elevate the standard of skin cancer care and make a real difference in patients' lives across the world. We look forward to the transformative impact our combined technologies will have in the fight against skin cancer."

About FotoFinder

Founded in 1991 the German company specialises in skin cancer diagnostics by means of Automated Total Body Mapping, digital dermoscopy, in hair diagnostics, psoriasis documentation and imaging in aesthetics. Subsidiaries in Italy, Spain, UK and the U.S. and a global partner network support the company’s worldwide presence. 

The FotoFinder brand is a global epitome of cutting-edge skin visualisation technology. Whether early skin cancer detection, hair analysis, aesthetics, clinical dermatology or research, FotoFinder systems stand for the sharpest images and unconditional reliability. Our corporate mission is to visualise skin and make standardised photography in medical practice easy and intuitive. This is done by intelligently combining state-of-the-art technology with software, hardware and camera technology. 

About Open Medical

We are a team of clinician-led digital health experts that provide award-winning cloud-based software solutions for healthcare organisations, powered by our engine, Pathpoint®.


Our solutions are designed to streamline entire clinical and operational workflows, from referral to discharge, across a range of specialties. Our tech is user-friendly, modern, flexible and scalable, capable of supporting projects of any size and complexity, from individual departmental needs to nationwide transformations.

But we don't just digitise; we enhance and optimise healthcare processes. We provide healthcare organisations with robust, future-proof digital foundations so they can continually evolve and improve their services.

Our mission is to achieve sustainable healthcare for everyone through digital excellence, and, to date, over 180 public and private healthcare sites across the UK and Europe use our solutions every day to help them manage patient care.


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