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UCB and Open Medical partner to support Fracture Liaison Services

  • New Joint Working project to optimise the number of fracture patients identified to Fracture Liaison Services (FLS)

  • Pathpoint® digital solution to automate data collection for FLS

  • Project supports identification of people at risk of osteoporotic fracture to optimise assessment

Slough (United Kingdom) November, 2023 – UCB and Open Medical today announce a new Joint Working project to optimise the number of fracture patients identified to Fracture Liaison Services (FLS). The project aims to automate data collection for Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) using Open Medical’s cloud-based Pathpoint® software and ultimately support the identification and assessment of people at risk of osteoporotic fracture.

There are 116 FLS in UK and they exist to systematically identify people aged 50 and older who have had a ‘fragility fracture’, with the aim of reducing their risk of further fractures. Currently 27.6% of people who have fractured are identified to FLS and assessed for future fracture - this project aims to increase this number and improve outcomes for patients at risk of further fracture due to osteoporosis.

There are around 500,000 fragility fractures in the UK every year. One in two women and one in five men over 50 will break a bone due to poor bone health and one in five women who break a bone, break three or more bones before a diagnosis of osteoporosis. These fractures can be life-changing for people, commonly leading to loss of mobility and independence, social isolation, and depression. They are costly too – it is estimated that hip fractures cost the NHS £1.1 billion every year.

The UCB and Open Medical Joint Working project will enable Fracture Liaison Services to access the Pathpoint® patient management system to integrate with its existing or in implementation systems to automate data collection for the UK-wide Fracture Liaison Service Database (FLSDB). Through improving the quality and amount of data in the FLSDB the project aims to optimise the identification and assessment for those at risk of fracture.

Claire Brading, Area Head UCB UK & Ireland, said:

“We are delighted to collaborate with Open Medical on this important project. It is our ambition to develop meaningful partnerships that go above and beyond the usual transactional business model, to achieve better outcomes for patients and healthcare systems and we believe this collaboration has the potential to achieve this in osteoporosis.”

Michael Shenouda, Chief Commercial Officer at Open Medical added:

“We have embarked on a unique venture by partnering with UCB to enhance data capture for the prevention of fragility fractures. Collectively we aim to improve the identification and assessment of those at risk of fracture, ultimately positively impacting their wellbeing.”

About UCB

UCB, Brussels, Belgium is a global biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of innovative medicines and solutions to transform the lives of people living with severe diseases of the immune system or of the central nervous system. With approximately 8,700 people in approximately 40 countries, the company generated revenue of € 5.5 billion in 2022. UCB is listed on Euronext Brussels.

About Open Medical

Open Medical is a team of clinically-led digital health pioneers. Founded by practising NHS clinicians, we combine a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape with unrivalled technical expertise to produce intelligent, clinician-centric software solutions and drive impactful digital transformation within any healthcare setting.

Our mission is to empower healthcare providers worldwide to deliver efficient data-driven care, by forming strong, long-lasting relationships and creating safe and secure, trusted solutions that deliver value. We are committed to our vision of an interconnected, collaborative, healthcare digital ecosystem. To date, we have successfully implemented Pathpoint in over 150 healthcare organisations across the UK and Ireland, with over 2,500,000 patient pathways processed.

About Pathpoint FLS

Pathpoint is Open Medical's cloud-based, clinically-coded, and customisable digital solution for managing end-to-end patient pathways. Pathpoint eTrauma and Virtual Fracture Clinic (VFC) capture granular data of every orthopaedic patient who enters the hospital and Pathpoint FLS is adapted to clinical workflows for FLS coordination and optimisation. Coupled together, Pathpoint eTrauma and FLS offer a sophisticated data-capturing system that will automate the identification of all patients processed with eTrauma, improve management of FLS cases, and streamline the submission to the database with high-quality data.

Service overview:

  • Acute and virtual referrals: Patient referrals are coded at the point of entry using SNOMED CT which enables comprehensive data aggregation.

  • Automatic identification: Pathpoint will automatically identify potential eligible patients based on FLS standards which the FLS staff can view by logging into Pathpoint with their FLS-based access.

  • Management of FLS cases: The system enables efficient case management with work lists that can be filtered by state options, such as pending, escalated, and completed. Pathpoint is fully automated, such as sending reminders for follow-ups. Pathpoint FLS provides the automation and workflows essential for efficient case management and the handling of high patient volumes.

  • Validation and submission to database: The system creates validated CSV. files that can be exported on the FLSDB easily.


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