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Pathpoint® Restore, a complete digital solution for the management of patients stepping down from Critical Care


Pathpoint® Restore

A cloud-based platform that digitises and streamlines the PICUPS and PICUPS plus tools.  Facilitates efficient production of the Rehab Prescription augmenting the continuation of the patients rehab journey.


The integrated patient passport is a digital diary for the patient to carry with them that will log their progress, identify goals and milestones and allow clinicians to communicate with the patient via secure SMS or email.


Our powerful data extraction tools allow relevant data available for export to UKROC in line with best practice guidelines, creating significant efficiencies for clinicians.

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Pathpoint® capabilities
  •  Customised rehabilitation workflows

  • Single platform for CCU step down patients

  • Direct patient communication tools 

  • Digital PICUPS and Rehab Prescription

  • Manage the patient's rehabilitation journey

  • Improved Information Governance

  • Clinical governance and reporting tools

  • Customised step down dashboard  


Find out how Pathpoint® is helping NHS  partners transform their workflows

Pathpoint® eDerma

Helping to meet increasing demand, reduce costs and develop a nurse-led triage service


Pathpoint® eTrauma​

Revolutionising how the team manages its admissions and prioritises patients


Rapid Regional Care

The rapid delivery of Pathpoint® eTrauma to manage regional trauma care seamlessly


Proven Benefits
Decrease administrative workload
Reducing paperwork and administrative processes
Handover Safety
100% improvement in handover accuracy from ITU to rehabilitation teams
Improved Governance
No data loss and
rapid patient tracking
Generate cost savings
Optimise treatment, create clinical efficiences