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Supporting our clients throughout their entire digital transformation journey.


Reshaping the way you think about your existing processes and way of working.

Our clinical expertise allows us to truly understand your pain points and provide accurate advice.

We collaborate with our clients to:

  • help them identify current problems.

  • prioritise needs. 

  • provide consultation to arrive at the solution best suited to their needs.

  • Our in-house engineers provide a suite of tailored digital solutions which include pathways and workflows with functionalities that address all your needs.

  • This enables the delivery of true digital transformation fit for purpose, that adds value to your department, hospital or ICS.

Translating your vision and empowering you with the correct tools.


Unparalled assistance in expediting and embedding change management.

  • Seamless bidirectional integration at no added cost.

  • After your solution is developed, we provide on-site training for all teams.

  • We offer extensive user training for all teams through in-person and virtual sessions and a resource library which consists of videos, presentations and system user guides.


  • Continuous monitoring and support.

  • Dedicated onsite or virtual training and onboarding for new team members for the duration of the subscription.

  • Change requests, system configuration and new feature implementation. We evolve and adapt our pathways along with user requirements, such as changes to models of care provision in line with best practice.

Working together to ensure optimal user experience and client satisfaction throughout the entire digital journey.

  • We care about user feedback and user experience, and we check-in to ensure client satisfaction.

Customer Support


1. The SUPPORT button function which is inbuilt into the Pathpoint platform​​.​

This provides an access point for all users to:

  • Request access or a membership code.

  • Ask for help on using the system.

  • Report wrong data input.

  • Suggest a new feature or functionality.

  • Request data or a patient list.

  • Report a bug.

DO NOT enter patient identifying data in within the support feature.

Any patient specific requests should be launched from inside the patient page.

2. Email- via which sends a ticket directly to our system where all tickets are logged and actioned by our support team.

3. Phone - hours of operation are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for day-to-day queries and a dedicated 24/7 systems support with rapid response times service is available to address emergencies.

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