The market leading virtual fracture clinic referral platform built in the UK for the NHS

Digital referrals from A&E or any off-site unit 

A predefined minimum data set of information ensures the most effective pathway


Digital VFC

Patients with simple, self-limiting stable fractures are given validated advice via a
digital protocol 

Minimises unnecessary hospital attendances

Referrals to virtual fracture clinic are streamlined on a single platform

As a real-time cloud database, eTrauma VFC facilitates ongoing audit

Consultant time is redeployed to where it is required most


VFC Capabilities

Single-point digital referral capture from multiple referring teams

Diagnosis-based referral information and automatic coding


Full feedback to referrer and referring team


Automatically generated protocols/leaflets at presentation


Real-time auditing and governance


Seamless clinic administration


Proven Benefits

Time Saving
7 day reduction injury to theatre time
Target Achievement
90-95% 72 hour target acheived
Service Efficiency
Up to 60% reduction in face-to-face appointments
Reduced Litigation
Up to £2million saving in reduced litigation
User Satisfaction
90% patient and clinician satisfaction

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