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Optimising patient services and enhancing the experience for clinicians through Pathpoint eTrauma integration

The integration of Trakcare and Pathpoint establishes a unified system, ensuring the secure, standardised, and efficient delivery of orthopaedic trauma care.



With the increasing demand for trauma and orthopaedics services and the need for efficient communication between caregivers and stakeholders, NHS Ayrshire and Arran and NHS Lanarkshire sought a digitally-enabled solution. Pathpoint eTrauma, integrated with the TrakCare Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system, was chosen as the ideal solution.

The integration between TrakCare and Pathpoint allows for seamless transfer of patient information, specifically demographic and admission data, from Trakcare to the eTrauma system. This integration improves workflow management for clinicians and reduces the workload for administrative staff. It also enables clinicians to easily find patient information and extract relevant data from the eTrauma system. 

Overall, the integration of Pathpoint eTrauma with Trakcare has enhanced patient services and clinician experience in NHS Ayrshire and Arran and NHS Lanarkshire.


The legacy paper processes resulted in inefficiencies in workflows.

Reviewing paper-based case notes was laborious and time-consuming.

The manual processes involved in handling paper records and the lack of readily accessible information at the point of care hindered healthcare professionals' ability to make timely and informed decisions.

Paper-based records often lacked comprehensive information on patients.

To keep reading about Pathpoint eTrauma integration with the TrakCare Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system please download the case study below.

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