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We are Open Medical 

Meet the people behind Pathpoint® 


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower healthcare providers worldwide to deliver the best data-driven care by optimising clinical workflows, coordinating distributed teams and enabling seamless collaboration. 

We create safe and secure clinical solutions where information is always available at the point of care.


Open Medical's journey 

It was early December 2010 at Northwick park hospital. The night shift staff was overwhelmed by the number of inpatients.


Harry Lykostratis and Matthew Prime, orthopaedic surgeons at that time, were struggling to coordinate their operations on paper lists before transcribing them to a trauma board. One morning, they arrived on the ward to find that it was mistakenly wiped clean, forcing the team of junior doctors to combine their handwritten notes, phoning each other to retrace patients' pathways and identify the next actions to be taken in their care. 

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Handwritten records were not always legible, the layout of information was inconsistent and often disorganised. Incorrect treatment or omission of action can cause severe harm, even death.

Witnessing the urgency of the situation, Harry decided to take definite action and designed a software to facilitate coordination of care and help clinicians better understand and communicate their processes.

A year later, Open Medical was founded by Harry, Matt, and Kostas. Pathpoint® was later born as a secure cloud-based platform for clinicians, supporting the coordination of care by augmenting the visibility and availability of patient information.


What we believe in 

Safety and reliability are at the centre of everything we do


Open Medical was founded to ensure that every patient receives timely and safe care. As we believe in good clinical practice, our technology and processes are robust, highly customisable and meet the latest standards of data privacy and security.

We are committed to continuous quality improvement


Open Medical is a place where big ideas are welcomed and nurtured. We

constantly strive for improvement and invest in new initiatives to drive value for patients and healthcare providers. We are dedicated to providing 24/7 support with rapid agile customisation for every customer

We believe our people are our greatest asset


We care for the wellbeing of our people and seek to maximise their unique and exceptional talent. Our team of medical experts and engineers closely work with our clients to deliver bespoke solutions and outstanding value to clinicians, patients, and organisations.

We believe in achieving effortless digital transformation 

We deliver fast on our promises and provide the best experience by being highly responsive and ensuring alignment between all stakeholders. With our medical background, we excel at understanding, training and supporting all clinical staff while maximising the efficiency of current processes.


Meet the leadership team 
Photograph of the Managing Director
Harry Lykostratis


Photograph of the Medical Director
Michael Shenouda


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Dorota Naumiuk


Piyush Mahapatra