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MAY 2017

eTrauma launched

at London North West Hospital.


Open Medical is a provider of cloud-based software solutions for healthcare organisations.


Our software engine, PathpointⓇ, is the driving force behind our suite of digital solutions. 


Our solutions are user-friendly, modern, and designed to streamline entire clinical workflows from referral to discharge across a range of specialties. Our technology is flexible and scalable, capable of supporting projects of any size and complexity, from individual departmental needs to nationwide transformations.


But our work goes beyond simple digitisation; we enhance and optimise healthcare processes


We work closely with our clients to ensure our solutions will work for them and align with their specific requirements. This leads to improved efficiency, superior data-capture, reduced administrative burden, insightful decision-making, effective future service planning, a better experience for both clinicians and patients, and a whole lot more. 


Overall, we offer healthcare organisations robust, future-proof digital foundations so they can continually evolve and improve their services.


Our mission is to achieve sustainable healthcare for everyone through digital excellence, and, to date, over 170 public and private healthcare sites across the UK and Europe use our solutions every day to help them manage patient care.




our story



Safety and reliability are at the centre of everything we do


Open Medical prides itself on ensuring that every patient receives timely care in a safe manner. As we believe in good clinical practice, our technology and processes are robust and meet the latest standards of data privacy and security.

We are committed to a culture of innovation and continuous quality improvement


Open Medical is a place where big ideas are welcomed and nurtured. We constantly strive for improvement and invest in new initiatives to drive value for patients and healthcare providers. We are dedicated to providing 24/7 support with rapid agile customisation to meet the needs of every institution.

We believe our people are our greatest asset


We care for the wellbeing of our people and seek to maximise their unique and exceptional talent. Our team of medical experts and engineers work closely with our clients to deliver tailored solutions and outstanding value to clinicians, patients, and organisations.

We believe in achieving effortless digital transformation 

Our team is agile. We deploy rapidly and strive to provide the best experience by being highly responsive and ensuring alignment between all stakeholders. With our clinical expertise, we excel at understanding, training and supporting all clinical staff while maximising the efficiency of current processes.



Harry lykostratis

Harry Lykostratis

Chief Executive Officer

Michael shenouda

Michael Shenouda

Chief Commercial Officer

Dorota Naumiuk

Dorota Naumiuk

Chief Operations Officer

Piyush Mahapatra

Piyush Mahapatra

Chief Innovation Officer


world map with team member home countries

Hover over the map to see where our team is from

At Open Medical, diversity, inclusivity, and belonging are at the core of our culture. We take pride in our team, comprising individuals from over twenty countries and six continents who bring together a unique blend of clinical and technical expertise. We believe in the power of collaboration and personal growth, fostering a culture of coaching that empowers each team member to excel. By creating an environment where everyone feels valued and respected, we fuel innovation and drive success through diverse ideas and perspectives. At Open Medical, we celebrate our differences and recognise diversity as the foundation for excellence in healthcare.

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