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A versatile cloud-based system for
pre-operative assessment coordination

Interoperable. Automated. Customisable.

Pathpoint ePOA supports the shift to best practice and aligns with the Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) programme. It provides the single best digital pre-operative assessment (POA) process across geographical sites.

The platform is a fully cloud-based system, so we can securely access patient information remotely from wherever we are working. It is far more reliable than our previous paper-based solutions, as patient information is fully centralised and can be accessed from anywhere. It is brilliant from a patient safety point of view, as all the information is easily accessible and every action is tracked. We can identify where each patient is in their pathway at any time. Pathpoint has resulted in less surgical cancellations.



Our Workflow


Step 1. Early Screening

Automated dispatch if standardised questionnaires at the point of surgical booking to identify risk factors for poor health outcomes

Step 2. Early Risk Stratification

Early risk stratification promotes reduced unnecessary patient visits, and effective resource utilisation and generates an increased pool of patients declared fit for surgery

Step 3. Early Health Optimisation

Pathpoint ePOA standardises the process of supporting and working with patients to optimise them for surgery. Patients are automatically progressed through the system to the relevant teams

Patient Engagement

Pathpoint ePOA provides Universal, Tailored and Complex Support, allowing patients to be involved in shared decision-making. Pathpoint is able to identify various groups of patients and allocate the right information to the right patient or patient groups, at the right time.


General information that every patient should receive regarding their upcoming procedure or postoperative care


Information that is procedure or condition specific that is sent out in specific circumstances e.g optimisation guidance


Information for specific conditions such as diabetes, anaemia and frailty where specialist involvement is required.

What does this mean for me?

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  • Reduced wait times

  • Minimised complications

  • Personalised care

  • Reduced unnecessary patient travel

  • Improved experience and satisfaction

  • Empowered to take control of your health

Clinical Teams

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  • Automated risk stratification

  • Reduced admin workload

  • Easy access to full patient data

  • Clear patient status viability

  • Efficient resource allocation and planning

  • Improved communication


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  • High-quality data capture

  • Enhanced outcomes tracking

  • Secure and user-friendly platform

  • KPIs, research and service improvement

  • Resource optimisation

  • Cost savings

  • Reduced carbon footprint


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  • Minimised cancellations

  • Seamless teamwork and cloud-based system

  • High quality data

  • Improved population health management

  • Reduced costs

  • Reduced burden on specialist pre-operative nursing staff

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