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Our Skin Community Diagnostic Centres (CDC) project is a collaboration between Open Medical, Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) and multiple hospital trusts in the UK. The aim is to implement and evaluate Pathpoint eDerma within a number of CDC sites within the field of dermatology across various geographical locations. 

This project involves assessing skin conditions via photographs taken at the various CDC sites after GP referral. These photographs are uploaded on the Pathpoint eDerma platform and assessed by dermatologists. 

The project will implement and evaluate a cloud-based clinical pathway management system across multiple Cancer Alliances - delivering an increase in appropriate referrals, in addition to rapid access to diagnostics, by optimising patient convenience and rapidly excluding non-cancer from onward diagnostic pathways.

Reduce significant patient backlogs and tackle ever growing cancer waiting lists by transforming the model of care using Pathpoint eDerma within the community setting.

Skin Community Diagostic Centres


Open Medical has been funded by the Small Business Research Initiative Competition 18 'Delivering a Net Zero NHS' to contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint in surgery services across the NHS through the  implementation of Pathpoint SurgiCare NetZero. 

The aim of our Net Zero project is to examine if our software is able to aid in the reduction of carbon emissions in a real-world hospital setting.

In phase 1 of this project functionality was added to our SurgiCare Platform to assist patients and clinicians in understanding the impact of their choices and to direct them towards environmentally friendly options.

In phase 2 of this project we will be taking a more in-depth look at SurgiCare within a hospital setting to better assess its impact on the reduction of their carbon footprint.


Public and patient involvement and engagement (PPIE) is at the heart of all our research and innovation. As such, we have established a PPIE committee from patients and members of the public to oversee and provide feedback on all of our research projects.

Members of the committee are provided with all necessary training and do not require any prior knowledge or experience. Feedback discussions are held on average twice monthly during a project and all members are compensated for their time.



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If you are interested in getting involved, would like to find out more or just want to share your thoughts, please get in touch with our PPIE coordinator at or fill out the form. 

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