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Transforming the Preoperative Workflow at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

How Somerset NHS Foundation Trust successfully implemented a digital preoperative assessment platform to improve surgical planning and patient readiness for surgery.



Somerset NHS Foundation Trust implemented Open Medical’s advanced preoperative assessment platform, Pathpoint ePOA®.


This cloud-based system streamlines the management of patients scheduled for elective surgery and promotes best practice in line with the GIRFT programme.


Pathpoint ePOA enables early risk stratification of patients into different complexity levels, facilitating health optimisation before surgery. It also fosters better coordination and communication among teams by providing real-time oversight of each patient's progress.


The implementation led to improvements, such as high patient engagement with a 67% completion rate of the screening questionnaire and early identification of key health issues.


Difficulties managing an ageing patient population with multiple comorbidities.


The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated an existing backlog of patients requiring Preoperative Assessments (POA).


The current processes were complex and inefficient, leading to delays and cancellations.


They struggled with inconsistent data collection on crucial clinical patient information pre- and post-operation.

To keep reading about how Somerset NHS Foundation Trust used Pathpoint ePOA to transform their preoperative workflow, please download the case study below.

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