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Theatre Optimisation Using an End-to-End Digital System

Learn how King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust used Pathpoint eTrauma to optimise their referral and theatre management systems.



King's College Hospital (KCH) is the major trauma centre for the South East London Kent and Medway (SELKaM) trauma network, and the busiest in the UK. They faced several challenges and need a robust solution to support them and address their difficulties.


KCH implemented Pathpoint eTrauma, a cloud-based system offering centralised patient lists, streamlined processes through automation, real-time data insights, and customisable referral forms.


Pathpoint eTrauma enhanced trauma coordination, improved communication between teams, and optimised procedure planning. It increased visibility of workload across hospital sites to allow for efficient resource allocation and reduced cancellations. The system also supports clinical audits, enabling comprehensive analysis and evaluation of trauma services, while facilitating informed decision-making and oversight.


Trauma list planning was carried out using whiteboards, word processing documents, and spreadsheets.

The inefficiencies in planning theatre lists led to cancellations and delays.

There was limited visibility of unresolved trauma cases and pending workload between KCH and PRUH.

Relying on emails and phone calls for tertiary referrals resulted in inadequate governance data capture.

The inability to reference key parts of patient pathways with timestamps led to problems understanding patient status.

Insufficient data capture posed obstacles to research, audits, and service enhancements.

To keep reading about how King's College NHS Foundation Trust enhanced their trauma coordination and procedure planning please download the case study below.

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