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Dorota Naumiuk


Chief Operating Officer

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Dorota is the Operations Director at Open Medical, with a clinical background from the NHS that gives her a unique perspective on the industry and a deep understanding of the importance of efficient operations. Dorota excels in fast-paced environments and was drawn to the dynamic path Open Medical offered.

As a results-oriented professional, her adaptability and practicality enable her to navigate obstacles with ease, ensuring that operations run smoothly even in the midst of chaos. She is an essential pillar of the company, bringing stability and problem-solving skills during challenging times.


In her free time, Dorota enjoys an active lifestyle, including Muay Thai boxing and various sports. She also enjoys gardening and reading, and is always seeking new opportunities to learn and grow.


Dorota played an integral role in the company's growth and development, and her passion, resilience, and dedication make her an invaluable asset to the team.

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