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Michael Shenouda


Chief Commercial Director

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Michael is an industry leader and surgeon with over 15 years of experience in healthcare including positions in both the public and private sectors. Through his experience, he has developed an in-depth knowledge of the corporate, technological and financial challenges in the digital health industry, including understanding the complex stakeholder landscape.


He has worked closely with healthcare providers, clinical teams, academic research institutions, and patient support groups to help develop and optimise digital health solutions that improve patient care. He believes in working collaboratively with both the public sector and industry partners, fostering relationships that promote innovation in the sector. He is currently the Vice Chair of ABHI Digital Health group.

As a board-level executive director of a digital health enterprise, he has overseen its growth from start-up to market-leading platform and consultancy service, combining a passion for digital product development with his clinical experience to help drive digital transformation in healthcare.


At present, his research interests are in innovative healthcare technology and clinical patient pathways, promoting data-driven healthcare and ensuring digital solutions are supported by robust evidence generation. He has developed excellent strategic, leadership, interpersonal and collaborative skills from experiences and achievements as a leader, doctor, educator and researcher, with a progressive focus on corporate strategy in digital health.

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