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From Delayed to Delivered 1% to 99% with eDerma

Timely diagnosis and treatment can make the difference between life and death for those suffering from skin cancer. Unfortunately, only 3% of NHS England trusts are meeting critical skin cancer targets. The stakes have never been higher, and the current models of care cannot keep up.

Our imperative is clear - we need efficient solutions that can drastically reduce cancer waiting times, enable earlier diagnosis, lower the likelihood of complications, and improve patient outcomes and experiences. Achieving this will require a complete re-evaluation of care models and the adoption of innovative solutions proven to deliver results.

Open Medical has risen to the challenge with our cloud-based digital solution, Pathpoint eDerma, which has exceeded all expectations. The introduction of eDerma at a healthcare site just 3 months ago has already yielded remarkable results. Dermatologists were able to evaluate 99% of referrals within 14 days, compared to less than 1% prior to the implementation of eDerma. They are now operating with greater efficiency, and patients can rest easy knowing their potential cancer is being addressed promptly.

And that's not all - eDerma has propelled them towards meeting the faster diagnostic standard of 28 days to diagnosis. Since eDerma, 52.9% of patients received a clinical diagnosis or treatment plan within 14 days, with an average of 5.6 days, compared to 3.7% prior to its deployment.

But what truly sets eDerma apart is its adaptability, seamlessly integrating into any clinical setting regardless of project size or scope. It connects regions, trusts, departments, and countless users via a reliable interface. It adjusts to the specific requirements and overarching strategic goals of an ICS as well as individual healthcare organisations.

At Our Healthier South East London ICS, eDerma is boosting service efficiency by leveraging specialised teams to triage patients across all 3 trusts. It is fully automated, reducing administrative effort and increasing staff capacity. In their care model, eDerma collects patient referral information through live e-RS integration, obtains clinical history and patient consent via a questionnaire that is directly sent to patients, and medical photography teams can upload high-quality lesion images onto the platform. eDerma revolutionises their skin cancer pathway in a way that is best suited to them.

The platform's effectiveness is reflected in the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from both patients and healthcare providers. Patients are satisfied with the service, questionnaire, and overall experience, while healthcare providers have found it easy to navigate.

Dr. Bernadette De Silva, MBBS, FRCP, a consultant dermatologist at Luton and Dunstable University Hospital, stated, "We have been using eDerma in our department since 2018. The platform is easy to use and enables us to carry out gold standard teledermatology seamlessly with an end-to-end solution. The integration of eDerma with the NHS spine is invaluable. We obtain real-life analytical data on our workload on the platform, which is also invaluable for further service development. We are excited about further customisation and expansion of the platform.”

The need for effective solutions in skin cancer care has never been greater, and eDerma by Open Medical is proving to be the answer. As the prevalence of skin cancer rises, we must invest in effective solutions to ensure patients receive timely and efficient services while healthcare providers are equipped with the necessary supportive tools. With eDerma, the future of skin cancer care is brighter than ever before.


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