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PathpointⓇ eTrauma Has Launched at NHS Tayside

London and Tayside, 2024 - Open Medical is excited to announce the launch of PathpointⓇ eTrauma at NHS Tayside. This is Open Medical’s second launch in Scotland in the past year and its fourth overall. We’re proud to be supporting the Scottish orthopaedic teams.

Pathpoint eTrauma, designed by practising orthopaedic surgeons with a user-centred approach, is a cloud-based solution that revolutionises orthopaedic trauma care from injury through rehabilitation. The system replaces outdated tools like whiteboards, excel spreadsheets, and word documents with a user-friendly, digital trauma board.

Stephen Dalgleish, Consultant Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon at NHS Tayside, comments on the launch:

“Orthopaedics departments are generally one of the busiest emergency surgical specialties within most hospitals and a key component involves coordinating the care of patients who have been admitted to the hospital as well as patients who remain at home or await transfer from other hospitals. This historically relied on physical paper lists to keep track of admissions and plan the emergency theatre schedule. However, these often became outdated the minute they were printed and were inefficient for the on-call teams to manually update every day.”

“Open Medical’s eTrauma system was recommended to us by other Trauma units as a digital trauma platform to efficiently and safely process the sheer volume of patient information we deal with on a daily basis. The Open Medical support team was integral to the launch in January 2024, and in this short space of time, we have already seen improvements in patient safety and information governance. Most importantly, however, patients' care has improved with more efficient coordination between all the various healthcare professionals involved in a patient's journey.”

Dr. Michael Shenouda, Chief Commercial Officer at Open Medical, said: 

"We are thrilled to introduce eTrauma at NHS Tayside. The smooth launch, as well as the enthusiasm, engagement, and all-round positivity within NHS Tayside, have been remarkable. We are confident that its implementation will greatly enhance efficiency and improve the quality of care for patients. The dedication and commitment demonstrated by the NHS Tayside team have been truly outstanding and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with them."

eTrauma Highlights

  • Improved Referral Management and Handover: The system incorporates detailed digital referrals and optimised trauma handover management, ensuring a smooth patient journey.

  • Theatre List Coordination and Planning: With features like digital operation notes and automated logs for equipment requests, eTrauma revolutionises theatre operation coordination.

  • Enhanced Patient Engagement: The platform allows secure clinical photograph uploads and digital communication for a truly patient-oriented approach.

  • Seamless Collaboration: Being cloud-based, eTrauma is accessible from any device, fostering unparalleled collaboration among teams.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: The system captures highly detailed SNOMED CT-coded data, offering real-time insights through live dashboards and robust reporting capabilities.

About Open Medical

Open Medical is a team of clinician-led digital health pioneers behind the award-winning patient flow platform Pathpoint, used across 170+ sites in the UK and Ireland.

At Open Medical, we join healthcare providers on their journey towards digital transformation. Our mission is to facilitate streamlined, future-proof patient pathways, foster collaboration among distributed teams, and bridge the gap between primary, secondary, and tertiary care settings.

About NHS Tayside

NHS Tayside, established in 1974, is responsible for providing healthcare services to the residents of Angus, Dundee, and Perth and Kinross. With a population of 416,090, it oversees major and community hospitals, including Ninewells Hospital, and works closely with the University of Dundee's Medical School. The region also has numerous GP surgeries and health centres, employing a large number of healthcare professionals.


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