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Taking a moment to reflect on the past year

As we enter a period of easing of restrictions following multiple lockdowns to control the spread of COVID-19 and start to see the first glimpses of ‘normality’, we wanted to take this time to reflect upon ourselves and some of the significant projects the team at Open Medical have been involved in supporting NHS trusts throughout the pandemic:

  • Rapid deployment of a platform to help clinical teams monitor and track the progress of COVID-19 patients in intensive care

  • Ultra-fast turnaround and implementation of elective centre into acute trauma unit in 3 days

  • Multiple eTrauma pathway implementations at Major Trauma Centres across the country

Throughout the lockdown the team at Open Medical have been engaged in supporting clinical teams and helping NHS Trusts with the critical implementation of digital care pathways, whilst maintaining their personal safety and the safety of the hospital staff. These milestone implementations have enhanced patient outcomes with effective pathways and have optimised productivity of clinical and administrative teams especially during these unprecedented times. These will continue to improve the clinical workflow of teams as the digitisation of the NHS continues beyond the pandemic.

London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

As the nation went into the first national lockdown, the Open Medical team were approached by London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust to develop and implement a solution to help clinical teams monitor and track the progress of COVID-19 patients in intensive care. The solution allows a large number of patients to be tracked and reviewed with up-to-date handover information immediately available to clinical staff during shift changes. It also has the ability to group patients into cohorts based on changes in their condition. To find out more information about this successful implementation, please visit our media page.

The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

In response to NHS England’s directive to stop planned elective care and increase capacity for the rapid spread of Covid-19 cases, the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH), known for its first class elective orthopaedic care, had to transform almost overnight to become a regional trauma referral unit. In just three days from the initial call to Open Medical, the daunting prospect of a new regional workflow system was delivered seamlessly and helped RNOH to serve as a highly-organised, streamlined central hub for acute trauma in London and the South East. For more detail about this project, please read our case study.

These are just a few examples of some of the critical work the team has been involved in. A large proportion of the Open Medical team have been or are still actively serving in the NHS, providing valuable insights into our understanding of the nuances and dynamics of how the NHS operates on the ground. The team is highly skilled at developing digital care pathways and our development team, led by Managing Director Harry Lykostratis, is highly agile in developing customisable solutions for any speciality.

Our core business ethos is focused around enhancing patient outcomes by delivering better, faster, and smarter clinical workflows. The importance of being agile and adaptable has only been strengthened by the current pandemic, and we will continue to deliver leading user-friendly digital solutions for clinical workflows of all specialities.

For more information on how we can develop clinical pathways for your hospital, please complete our contact us form.


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