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Transforming Orthopaedic Trauma Care and Environmental Sustainability

SASH overcame challenges and significantly reduced their carbon footprint through digital transformation, earning recognition for their achievements.



Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (SASH) achieved a dual triumph in patient care environmental responsibility by adopting Open Medical's Pathpoint Virtual Fracture Clinic (VFC). The solution seamlessly integrates with their EPR system, Oracle Cerner, and proved invaluable during the pandemic. 

SASH's remarkable accomplishments with Pathpoint VFC earned them recognition through several awards as well as on BBC news.

Pathpoint VFC streamlined orthopaedic clinical workflows, simplifying referrals, automating coding, and consolidating patient data. It facilitated virtual specialist care coordination and enhanced multidisciplinary team collaboration. By capturing high-quality, granular, SNOMED CT coded data at the point of entry, it enabled real-time care metrics, improved auditing and governance. SASH's adoption of these solutions marked a significant step forward in patient care and sustainability.


Monthly influx of 700 referrals strained the existing  system's capacity.

Nonessential in-person follow-ups for patients caused long wait times and was time-consuming for clinicians.

Unsustainable practices, including unnecessary patient travel and paper usage, contributed to a significant carbon footprint.

Complex stakeholder environment and regional workflows added administrative burden. 

Poor referral quality, COVID-19 impact, and social distancing measures reduced clinic efficiency.

To keep reading about how Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust used Pathpoint VFC to transform their orthopaedic trauma care and implement more sustainable practices please download the case study below.

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