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Open Medical and Mott MacDonald Partner to Offer Unrivalled Digital Transformation

London, 2023 - Global engineering and consulting firm Mott MacDonald and Open Medical, a clinically-led digital health company renowned for their award-winning patient flow platform, PathpointⓇ, are announcing an exciting new partnership that will provide cutting-edge digital solutions and comprehensive digital transformation consultancy to Integrated Care Systems (ICS).

Building on Pathpoint, the partnership will enable a more holistic view of healthcare processes and patient pathways, address complex issues in the outpatient and elective care areas, and offer bespoke digital strategies and implementation plans for healthcare delivery providers.

This is particularly important within the context of ICSs, partnerships that bring together NHS organisations, local authorities, and other healthcare providers to plan and deliver joined-up health and care services. Well-rounded strategies for transforming healthcare delivery that combine expertise, knowledge, and the adoption of top-tier digital solutions can help create future care delivery models tailored to meet local requirements.

Dr. Michael Shenouda, Chief Commercial Officer at Open Medical, comments on the partnership: "Cross-organisational collaboration, such as in an ICS, can be very challenging. Managing care on such a large scale requires not only the right software solutions but also core problem solving and design thinking to ensure the solutions deliver the required goals. With Mott MacDonald and their transformation expertise, we are blending the best of both worlds, bringing together our respective experiences and expertise to provide big-picture insights that go above and beyond, supporting the delivery of cutting-edge digital solutions."

Abhi Shekar, Digital Healthcare Lead at Mott MacDonald, says, "addressing the complex needs of healthcare clients requires an ecosystem approach. As a clinician-led software company, Open Medical brings practical insights and award-winning digital solutions. This capability combined with Mott MacDonald’s transformation expertise means that together we can offer a unique perspective for healthcare providers and identify solutions that work for them. Open Medical have developed amazing software that helps to standardise and improve care pathways. Collaborating with them to deliver an integrated health and care system is a fantastic opportunity.”

About Open Medical

Open Medical is a team of clinician-led digital health experts behind the award-winning patient flow platform Pathpoint, used across 150+ sites in the UK and Ireland. At Open Medical, we join healthcare providers on their journey towards digital transformation. Our mission is to facilitate streamlined, future-proof patient pathways, foster collaboration among distributed teams, and bridge the gap between primary, secondary, and tertiary care settings.

About Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald is a US$2bn engineering, management and development consultancy with its headquarters in the UK.

Our purpose is to improve society by considering social outcomes in everything we do; relentlessly focusing on excellence and digital innovation, transforming our clients' businesses, our communities and employee opportunities.

To this end we’re involved in:

  • solving some of the world’s most urgent social, environmental and economic challenges

  • helping governments and businesses plan, deliver and sustain their strategic goals

  • responding to humanitarian and natural emergencies

  • improving people’s lives

Our expertise by sector includes buildings, communications, defence, education, environment, health, industry, energy, transport, urban development, water, wastewater and more.

Our skills encompass planning, studies and design, project finance, technical advisory services, project and programme management, management consultancy and beyond.

For every project, we create the blend of talent needed to create the right result – appropriate; cost, carbon and resource-efficient; safe, easy and swift to deliver and operate; reliable and resilient; delivering great outcomes.


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